Making your character have the ability to scale a ladder.

Now it is time to make your character have the ability to scale a ladder. Although this logic behind this concept is not new to gaming, the procedure to make this happen is quite hard to script. It will require a lot of script communication and switching of booleans.

The logic:


Adding a scenic backdrop for your scene

As of right now, we have been using the regular skybox with the blue backdrop. It is fine on it’s own, but since we want to customized it to suit our game design, it is time to create our own. …

Creating an collectable items and points system (part 2)

Now that we have created the UI Manager and have linked both the player script and the UI manager script to communicate with each other, it is time to create the actual collectable.

Prepping the Collectables:

To begin, we first need to create an collectable object, for now we can use a regular…

Working with UI and Collectables (part 1)

Time to work with collectable game objects and adding in a UI element which gives players feedback on Lives, and score/coin count.

Preparing the UI:

First lets create an new Canvas which will house all of our UI elements. …

Making your player roll under obstacles

There is an purpose in making a character roll, either it is to dodge something or get under something. In this framework article we will focus on making the character roll underneath an obstacle that blocks the top halve of our player.

Prepping for the Roll:

Download and import the necessary animation from the…

Refining the Ledge Grab setpoints so you can make it Modular

Next on our check list is to create an modular platform so once we make it a prefab and duplicate it without the player resetting the ledge grab location. Since we are currently hardcoding the position manually every platform we introduce into the scene we have to reset the position…

Adding the idle jump animation

Since we have the regular running jump, it is only practical to add in the idle jump. This idle jump animation is going to be different from the running jump.

Preparing the Idle Jump:

First download a idle jump animation from the Mixamo website. Import and set up the animation similar to how we…

Working with Cinemachine and making it follow the player

Now that we have set up everything from ledge grab to jump and run. We need the camera to follow along the player so it can see everything when the player traverse the scene. …

Getting the Player to teleport/snap into position while going into the Idle state.

Pressing E button to toggle Climb Animation:

Lets get the first action to get out of the way, pressing the E button to trigger the Climbing up animation. In the player script, since the Character Controller is currently deactivated during the ledge grab, we need to place all the scripts on the Update method.

To being, we…

The Illusion of Pulling your character up

The trick about pulling your character up the ledge is that your character ISN’T pulling your character up physically. Technically playing an animation to simulate the action and feeling, but the root body collider is actually teleporting from the ledge to the top of the platform.

Setting Up the Pull:

As usually, we need…

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A Designer, an Illustrator and a massive tech geek aspiring to become a professional Unity Developer.

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