Creating a 2.5D Sides scrolling Game

Simon Truong
2 min readJul 19, 2023

This will be a project journal which will document my process in creating an 2.5D side scrolling game from scratch with my own personal graphics and assets.


4 years ago, I attempted to create my very first side scrolling game in Unity without any knowledge prior to development. After 2 years of learning from GameDevHQ, I decided to reattempt to create the very first game I undertake.

There are several checkboxes that I wish to learn and attempt while doing this game:

1. Create an own Character Controller from scratch
2. Have custom “walking, jumping, attacking, Idle” animation
3. Create an Unique 3D/2D environment/stage design
4. Have at least 3 to 4 different stages
5. Use the new Unity Input System for Movement
6. Optional (create an Mobile port for Android with touch control)
7. Create collectables and destructible

The setting of the game will be based on the settings that I have developed years prior, with an Cat (my family pet) as the main character. The cat will be able to traverse a preset level design that allows jumping and destruction of objects and gaining collectables. Although it won’t be a fully completed game, it will contain a short and simple gameplay with short story.

Cat named “Mel”

One of the major hurdles that I will need to jump over is the unique stage design which involves both 2D elements and also 3D elements. Since I will be doing all assets personally, I will be taking the extra time to learn and work with 3D programs such has Blender and 2D programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Within the next journal entries I will be working on creating the 2D character sprite along with scripting the basic character controller in Unity.



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