Working with Unity Timeline

Understanding Audio Tracks

Now that we have learned what Animation Track and Activation Tracks are, the next track that is commonly used with Unity Timeline is the Audio Track. As the name suggest this track is only used for Audio Clips. In this article we learn how to implement them into our timeline and learning the basic functions it can offer.

Creating the Audio Track:

Just like how we have created the other Tracks into the Unity Timeline, we can drag and drop an Audio Clip file straight into the Timeline and or right click on the Timeline itself and selecting “Audio Track” to add an track.

If you do the right click method then you will still need to drag and drop the Audio Clip to the timeline.

Learning the Functions of Audio Track:

Just like with the Animation Track, you are able to ease in and out of the Audio Track, but this doesn’t affect the speed or movement of the audio, but instead it adjust the ease in and out of the volume of the sound.

In the Inspector we are able to access the Loop function along with the Volume control as well. This volume control, unlike the ease in and out, affects the entire clip.

The Audio Source:

If you have noticed when adding an Audio Track, that there is an slot for the Audio Source. By default if there was no Audio Source selected then the audio clip will play in stereo setting with no 3D positioning. But if we were to add an Audio Source to the Track then we will open up the 3D environmental playback.

Remember that you will need to create an object with an Audio Source in the Hierarchy to be able to select from the list.

Depending on the placement of the Audio Source within your scene, the audio playback will sound louder or quieter the further or closer you are to the source. An good example of this would be and flickering light bulb animation. When you get closer you will hear the electricity, and the further away the more silent it gets.



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