Working with Unity Timeline

What are Control Tracks

Simon Truong
2 min readSep 22, 2022


Control Tracks are pretty awesome, unlike other tracks within Unity Timeline the Control Track actually controls other Timelines. The Control Tracks are able to trigger the playback of other timelines within an main Timeline. An practical application of this would be and complex animation sequence that involves multiple components being animated all at once. With Control Track you are able to organize the complexity of the Timeline so it won’t get too overwhelming.

How Control Tracks work:

Control Tracks work off with two or more Timelines in sequence. In an more visual explanation we will create an new Timeline of an new object doing an new animation. I decided to showcase an capsule object shaded in black with an new animation of it moving forward.

I now have two Timeline game objects within the hierarchy.

Back in the original Timeline which houses the cube and sphere animation, I am going to create an new Control Track.

With that created I a then going to drag and drop the second timeline. You will see that the Control Track will automatically take in the name of the second Timeline (this helps with organization)

Just like the Activation track, the control track will only play whatever is in the timeline when it is active.

noticed the black capsule does not move until the control track is enabled.

Once you will fully integrated Timeline into your game, you will realized how fast the Timeline will fill up both horizontally and vertically. Therefore with Control Track you are able to condense and organized the timeline while all still keeping track of everything that is playing.



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