Working with Cinemachine

Making Custom Blend List camera and understanding Cinemachine Events

We have gone over what a Blend List camera is and how to use it, and if you haven’t gone through that article you can find it here. Now we will go over how to make a custom blend list and also understand what Cinemachine Custom Events are.

Creating Custom Events:

By default when you have several virtual cameras activate and you turn off the current virtual camera. The animation that toggle during the transition between the current camera to the second camera is usually an Ease in and Out. So if you want to create a direct Cut, like a snap to target transition you will need to create an Custom Blend.

To start, we must locate the Cinemachine Brain, this can be found in the Main Camera. Within the Brain component we are going to locate the Custom Blends and create an new Blend asset.

Now you are able to add and or subtract from the blend list within the Main Camera List. To add an camera you will need to click on the menu arrow and select the camera from the drop down menu.

You will also be able to select the type of transition you want from these two camera.

Since these transitions only occur between the selected cameras only won’t be any overlap or confusion with the default setting. For example, I only want Camera 1 and 2 to have a cut transition and everything else should be ease in and out, I will set the custom blend between these two cameras only. The rest of the cameras won’t be affected.



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