Working with Cinemachine

What is “Follow” and “Body”

In the previous article we have covered what “Aim” and “Look At” functions are and how they can affect your Virtual Camera. Now we will learn what “Follow” and “Body” are. In the most simplest explanation, we can “Follow” as the name suggest, is the ability to set the Camera to follow a certain game object and the “Body” are the settings which controls the the Follow function.

Setting Up Following:

Just like how you setup the Look At, setting up the Follow is basically the same. Just drag and drop the game object which you wish your follow into the slot.

Once that is done, you will automatically see that the camera will now follow on the selected target.

Adjusting the Follow with Body:

In the Body tab, if you have the Transposer set up you will see that you can adjust the offset and Damping.

This is also visually indicated via the red line from the target to the active camera.

And just like how we can access the Cinemachine settings for the Look At and Aim via C# script, we can also do the same with Follow and Body settings.



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