Skipping Intro Cinematic

Because this isn’t your first rodeo

Simon Truong
2 min readAug 27, 2021

Now that the audio is in place and everything is working, it is time to add the skip function during the intro cutscene, because this isn’t your first rodeo. To complete this function you will need to have access to the Game Manager since that class is called upon first before everything else.

Game Manager:

In order to gain access to the playable director which controls the timeline, we first need access to the Playable library. This can be achieved by typing:

Once you have access to the Playables library, we can get an handle for the timeline. Then we can create an public method where we check if an keycode input “S” has been pressed.

If the “S” key has been pressed we are going to access our playable director and use the dot time function which will allow use to skip to the certain point in the timeline, as long as we provide a float variable within the total length of the timeline.

Back in Unity we are going to let everything compile, then drag in the Intro cutscene into the game manager script.



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