The overall level layout for the revised tutorial stage.

Mobile Game Progression

Level refinement and UI upgrades and Changes

As we build our game and add in more features and functions, it is always in best practice to test and retest your entire game. The issue is after working with our game for so long, it is hard to create an unbiased option or gameplay, especially when we know all the tricks and tips. Therefore having a fresh option is crucial to formulate a proper feedback for you game development. It is also in best practice to create a check list on things you want to test. In this scenario I want to test the new tutorial levels and first level to see if the play tester would be able to traverse the scene.

Planning the new Tutorial Level:

In the initial design, I wanted the tutorial page to contain several aspects that include signs which the players can read to understand the different features and tips available in the game. Also I want for a few brief seconds of descriptions to show up in the UI to quickly explain what buttons does what.

A quick explanation of each function within the UI.

But after several public play test with actual testers, I realized that the special pop-up for the UI is unnecessary extra. Also there was a suggestion to add in a skip button for those who wished to skip the initial cutscene. I decided to keep the signboards as they hold extra information should the players required them.

The Final result for the Tutorial stage.

Another change that was requested was to make the Menu button not part of the top left UI cluster, but instead make the button independent on the right top corner instead, this adds better indication and visuals of the UI.

Instead of the word “Menu” it was changed to “Pause” so players know better.

Another unique addition to the beginning cutscene was adding the objective. This would make Players have a better sense of what their direction is within the game.

This objective scene shows up even if the players skip the cutscene.

Finally we have a revised tutorial level layout which needs to check several boxes as a requirement. Such requirements include, teaching the players everything they need to know on what the game offers and also make the level simple and streamline so the players can complete the first level easily.

The overall level layout for the revised tutorial stage.

There was also several feature that were also added within the tutorial level including pitfalls, spike traps and also treasure chest.

In the next article we go through the changes that occur within the next couple of levels.



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