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Level refinement and UI changes ( part 2 )

Continuing with the player testing from the tutorial stage, level 1 should allow the players to test what they have learnt from the tutorial stage and should not implement any new features. This allow players to solidify their understanding of the game.

Level 2 changes and refinement:

Level 2 is where we have a change of scenery and are able to start changing and or adding more features for players test out.

In the second level, I added one way platforms which allow players to return back to previous places even after they have breached certain areas.

The introduction to enclosed areas make the overall playstyle now more focused and required more precise precision for movement and actions. On top of that, we are not presented with the ability to search for the castle key to the access the next level via within the chest and players are now unable to buy the castle key from the merchant.

Players are also introduced to harder platform jumps that require more perfect timings. This is to increase difficulty and also reinforce what the players have already experience but at the harder level.

Level 3 Changes and refinement:

The initial stage design was to have the final skeleton boss right as the open once the player spawns into the level. But after some player testing results I modified the level so that the player has some build up when reaching the final boss. The player will be traveling on a platform that only goes straight up. On the path upward the player will also be faced with spiders that show out projectiles that the player must avoid.

The player is also able to stop the moving platform at any time. And the color of the platform as been revised to indicate which section of the platform moves and which section stop the platform, via red or green.

The final changes that are applied to the final level would be the skeleton king boss battle. Instead of using the same basic skeleton, I revised the script just for the skeleton king to drop extra gems and also trigger a scene build index +1 so right after the the death of the skeleton king, there will be 10 seconds wait time before automatically switching to the next scene where the credits are.



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