Idle Animation for our 3D player

Adding the first animation to our player

It is time to add some life into our character, as of right now our standard character is stuck on the dominating T-pose. To start we will be working with the idle animation, so when the character is not moving or being active, we can have the character play an quick idle movement.


Since all the Filebase character are rigged by Mixamo, we can simply download and apply preset animation the Mixamo website.

If you are new to the Adobe Mixamo environment, it will prompt you to create a new account. After you have settled with the account setup, you will be greeted with a huge library with 3D animations. Search for “Idle” animations and pick your favorite.

Mixamo has a massive library of any time of animations you can think of.

When you download the file make sure that the FBX is for Unity, Skin is set to with Skin and you are at 30FPS animation with no Keyframe Reduction. Once the file has been downloaded, drag the file into our Unity human’s folder.

Applying the Animation to our Character:

To make sure that the Mixamo animation is compatible with our player character, we need to set the RIG animation type from Generic to Humanoid.

Now it is time to access the animation controller, but you would noticed that the settings have all been locked out. To fix this we just need to make a copy of this component (control + D) and it will automatically duplicate the files outside the folder. For organization’s sake we will create a new folder to house all the animations that we have duplicated. Also drag the downloaded package into the FBX folder.

To attach the animation clip to our player, our player must have an Animation Controller. In our player model you will noticed that the attached Animation component doesn’t have a controller in the slot. Therefore to create an Animation Controller right click > Create > Animation Controller.

Creating an Animation Controller

Drag the Animation Controller to the Model and double click the controller. This should bring you to the Animation screen. With the newly copied Idle clip, drag that into the Animation Screen.

The idle clip will automatically turn orange and become the default animation state. Now when you play the scene, your character model will automatically run the Idle animation.

The coolest guy in the world, just chillin’.



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