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Adding More elements into our Room

Simon Truong
4 min readMay 9, 2022

By now, we should have our walls and ceiling completed, we are going to finish the room with the addition of the main door and the wall panel that is attached to it.

Adding the Final wall Panel + Door:

First we are going to download the door and door panel from Filebase.

Once you have imported the 3D model into the scene, we can quickly mock up the wall panels to simulate the walls. Then we can slowly replace them with the correct prefab that we want.

To add more depth to the door panels, we can add some objects or wall decors that allow some elements to extrude outward.

We can also add some wall piping and baseboard on the bottom. After, we can drag all the elements together to create a new doorway prefab.

Before we finish with the doorway panel there is one quick tip that will shorten our future process, and that is understanding that so far all objects that are being placed in this environment are considered “static” objects. Meaning they do not move, or shouldn’t move. But the door is another case, as a door, it should allow to be open, therefore we will need to isolate the door component and place the door object into a new folder called “Dynamic”.

Once the doorway wall has been completed, the whole room should be fully sealed off.

Adding Extra Details:

Now it is time to add in the room elements, since an empty room is just plain and boring, we will be making this room into an sci-fi themed room with experimental tubes and computers and lots of displays.

As usual, we will make use of the ability to download assets straight from FileBase. This allow us to instantly gain access to a massive library of already completed 3D models including the 3D models that we will be using.

I place the center consoles near the center back of the main room and made 2 other duplicates, this will be one of the main highlights within this room, therefore I opt to place them in a location that all 3 are visible even from the main hallway.

To further express the importance of the center consoles and the objects behind it, I decided to frame the entire section with two stairs on both left and right. Then on the top, I decided to have 3 floating monitors hanging from the ceiling while 3 giant test tubes sit firmly on top of the consoles.

To add small details here and there, I decided to create the top monitor scaffoldings out of pieces of wall prefabs but shrunk down to size.

In the placement these objects, its nice to have a lot of details, but at the same time you don’t want to overwhelm the player with too much. At the end the final design will be based on what you want the player to experience.



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