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Creating Columns and Ceiling

Continuing with our room design, it is time to make our roof over our room along with adding some nice depth to our room décor by adding columns and an archway.

Working with Columns & Archway:

Having just plain flat walls isn’t a bad thing, but to make a room develop more characteristics, we are going to need to add some depth to the scene. One of the easier things to add is columns, they extrude outward and also add a sense of strength within the room.

The columns add a sense of durability and strength to the room.

To make the columns, I basically added 4 parts of the columns downloaded from FileBase. Then I created a prefab which I can then duplicated freely and placed them where I wanted.

To create the Archway, I decided to keep the same design as the columns but just make the archway lower. The plan is to make the hallway height a bit lower than the main room.

To create the hallway arch, I unpacked one column prefab to make creating the archway faster. I lower the crown of the column and used the extra object as the beam that goes across. To make things more unique, in the center of the archway I added some small decals and design.

Again, after the construction of the archway, I placed every object related to the Arch into a new folder and created a prefab from that folder.

Working with Ceilings:

Now it is time to add in a roof over our room. There is two methods to approaching this situation, one is to make a very bland roof, knowing that the player won’t bother looking up, or two create a more detailed roof while inviting the players to look around, including looking upward. I decided to go with the latter, and create a more interesting roof design.

Hallway Ceiling:

Since we are going to make the hallway roofline a bit lower when comparing to the main room, the hallway ceiling is going to have a slightly more detailed roof design.

Start by using the floor objects as a starting point by duplicating the floor and raising it to the desired height.

Just like the method I mention in the previous article about tips and tricks within Unity, we can do a shortcut by replacing the current object with the desired object. With that method in mind, we are going to replace the hallway roof panels to the ones we desire.

I decided to add some extra details when designing the roof, this includes piping and some panels that extrude downward adding some depth.

The difference between the roof and the floor, the ceiling has extra piping design integrated within.

At the end, the design of the room is going to be up to you, as long as you keep the structure and hierarchy organized, anything is good!



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