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Adding a HDRP Skybox

Since we are using the HDRP pipeline adding in a skybox will be much different from adding a skybox in the LWRP (Standard pipeline) and URP (Universal pipeline).

Understanding the Default Settings:

When you first load into the HDRP project, you will be greeted with the standard skybox settings. To adjust this skybox you will need to go to the projects settings, this can be found under Edit > Projects Settings.

A pop-up window is going to show and under the HDRP Default settings tab, you will see the settings for the skybox.

These are the settings that you will need to pay attention to when working with the default settings for the skybox.

But if you want more customization you will need to create your own HDRI sky override.

Creating an HDRI Sky Override:

When you right click on the Hierarchy you will now see an new option called “Volume > Sky and Fog Volume”. This is the override settings for skybox and the lighting settings.

What you want to focus on is HDRI Sky settings. To get this setting you want to click “Add Override” and add the sky > HDRI Sky. Here you are able to import your own type of skybox using any image you have.

Once you import your own image into Unity, you will need to select the “Cube” setting for the Texture Shape. This will automatically convert your image into a spherical image that can be applied as a skybox.

The image that I used can be downloaded free here, credits goes to Greg Zaal.

Once the skybox has been set, you are able to customize the lighting, rotation and exposure intensity.

Under the Directional Light, there is more additional settings now. You can change the tone of the light within the Emissions tab, and also adjust the amount of intensity the light has on objects.

By rotating the Directional light, you are able to adjust where the light is coming from.

There are many more settings within the override options, and they each have an different effect when working with lighting and fogs.



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