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Adding the Final touch to our Scene, Reflection probe

In this mini article we will learn how to add an reflection probe to our scene and how it can affect our scene. Since we are using HDRP pipeline the end result will drastically be different compared to the URP pipeline.

What is a Reflection Probe:

A reflection probe is an component which captures the surrounding images within the scene and converts it into a live material. This material is able to be used as a reflection on other objects to simulate glass, mirror or water. In the HDRP pipeline there is a lot more settings and opinions to adjust which the URP simply doesn’t have.

Adding a Reflection Probe into the Scene:

To start adding a reflection probe into the scene, within the hierarchy right click and under the Light section > Select Reflection Probe.

This will automatically create a probe within the scene, and it should look something like this.

By default the shape of the reflection probe should be set to box, where there is a box collider that sets the boundaries which the reflection can occur. This can auto be changed to sphere depending on what you find more useful. Typically a box shape is more useful within indoor settings where you can setup perfect boundaries to match the room size.

Once you have the reflection probe placed in the proper location within the room, you can see whenever the reflection probe is working by seeing the glossy reflections on objects.

The reflection probe working as intended.

If you find that some of the objects you want to have reflections and is showing up matted, it could mean that the material used within the object isn’t adjusted to show much reflections. To adjust that, select the object and under the materials settings > Smoothness Remapping slider. Slide around to find the setting you like.

Since we are only working in an interior of one room we only need one reflection probe. But if this environment was outdoors and in a larger space then we can setup multiple reflection probe to get a more accurate measurement of our surroundings.



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