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Creating a beautiful scene with post processing and lighting

Now that we have a understanding on what we can accomplish with post processing and proper lighting source, we can finally create our beautiful scene. Our objective is going to create a scene that has both warm and cool tones to bring a unique contrast.

Using Box Volume Processing:

In the previous article we were using the Global Volume to have our filters and special effects be applied to everything within the scene. But what if we want to isolate the location to only certain parts and have sections of the room have different filters or color adjustments? This is where Box Volume comes in handy. Box volume is exactly how you will imagine it to be, a 3D box collider that holds all of the effects and settings within. Only when the player enters within the boundaries would the post processing take effect.

Setting up the Box Volume Colliders:

In the hierarchy, we are going to right click and add in a Box Volume by going into Volumes > Box Volume. Immediately you are going to see a new green box that is the container for the box volume. We can freely adjust the size to fit whatever area we need to cover in the scene. I decided to duplicate the box volume and make the hallway have a different post processing volume than the inner chamber.

Now for the setup of the box volume processor, just like how we set up the global volume we are going to do the same thing by creating a new profile per box volume.

Then we are going to add some overrides to the volume, for this I am going to add some color adjustment filter. For the hallway I want a cooler tint while the inner chamber I want to have a warmer tone.

If you find that the transition between the two hues are too slow or too fast, you can adjust the Blend Distance between 0 and 1.

Next we are going organize the post processing components within a new layer. Start by adding a new layer and name it Post Processing.

Then in the Main Camera component we are going make sure the Volume Layer Mask has the newly created Post processing layer.

Finally we can hit play to see the final results.



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