How to save Players Gem count between scenes

Now that we have created a proper gem counter for our player we need to allow the total gem count be updated throughout the different scenes. Currently our gem count resets once we enter a new scene, in order to fix this we will require two functions. …

Adding Sound effects to our game (part 2)

Continuing on from the previous article where we added background music to our game along with adding UI sound effects to our buttons. In this article we will focus on adding Sound effects to our player and enemies. There are several things that we will go over:

  1. Adding sound effects…

Adding Sound and Music to our Game

Time to add some sound effects to our game along with some subtle background music to set the mood of the game.


The background music is important and must be chosen correctly because the music is complementary to our gameplay style. It help sets the mood and flow of the…

Creating a Credits Page

Since we last created the main menu scene, we replaced the Menu button with a Credit’s button. This credits page is going to give all the sources and assets used within this game, and also give Thanks to our play testers and Artist that took part in refining this game.

Preparing the Credits Page:

During the creation of the Unity Ads Initializer we briefly created a scene with a make shift button that allows users to progress to the game scene. Now we are going to spice up the main menu scene by adding images and special effects.

Preparing the Main Menu:

If you are part of the…

Allocating the Unity Ads Initialization within the Menu Scene

Following up with the previous article, we have developed the two scripts that are required to launch and run the Unity Ads during the shop UI. During that example, I placed both the Ad Initializer and Ad Manager within the same component. The issue that persisted was that whenever the…

Ad Initialization and Ad Management

Following up with our previous article on Enabling Unity Ads, we will continue to work with Unity Ads by linking the Shop UI button to work with the Unity Ads feature.

Scripting with Unity Ads:

Understanding how Unity Ad works:

Within the Unity Dashboard that we can access within the Ads Services, we can see that under the Monetization…

Learning how to Monetize your game with Google and apple Ads.

Now that we have a clear foundation for our game, it is time to create a method to allow our game make some money. This is usually through Ads that the player needs to watch for a few seconds before they are rewarded with some kind of in game currency…

Creating a Game Over Screen

Every game needs a game Over screen especially when the player has lost all its lives or has enter a instant death trap such as spikes. This game over screen would also give the player the ability to start over again or return back to the Main Menu.

Prepping the Game Over screen:

I made…

Toggling on and off the Key and Winged Boots icon on the HUD

Now that we have our HUD in place, it is time to make the two icons we designed in Illustrator to show up on the HUD once you buy the corresponding item.

HUD UI prep:

By default the two icons is going to be turned off. We previously had imported and slice the…

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