3D Survival FPS Shooter

Upgrading the Enemy

Now that we have completed most of the basic functionality of the game, it is time to spice up the 3D FPS game by adding some environmental improvements.

Upgrading the Enemy:

For this process to happen seamlessly I decided to use the Filebase assets because they have what is required. Within Filebase there are several pre-rigged Zombie characters that are ready for action.

A nice selection of pre-rigged models from FileBase.

Once you have selected the desired model, you will need to import the file into your project. Since we have developed our enemies to have an 3D model to be on the child game object we will have to follow the same setup when importing the new 3D model into the enemy prefab.

So the enemy parent object is going to have the character controller along with the Health and Enemy AI script. While the 3D model is going to contain the animator component.

Next we need to readjust the Parent Object scaling, since when working with blocks, we had the Y scaling set to 3. Now we need to value of Y to be reset back to 1 so the 3D model doesn’t look stretched.

Animating the Zombie Enemy:

Just like how we had our player animated via Mixamo, we will do the same for our enemy. Using the website, we will search for a basic zombie walking animation and download the binary file. Mix sure to select Unity as the selected target.

Just like the settings for our player, we will need to make sure that the Rig is set to “Humanoid” before we duplicate the animation file.

Then we are going to select our 3D model (not the parent object, but the child object) and add in the newly duplicated animation file to the animator component.

When you play the game now, the newly skinned enemy is now should be adjusted like so.



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Simon Truong

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