3D Survival FPS Game

Planning your level design

Simon Truong
2 min readApr 28, 2022

Now that we have our URP and proper assets loaded into Unity, before we start laying down the models into our scene, it is in best practice to always plan ahead and visualize what the level needs to accomplish so that the player can have a sense of direction or destination.


For the first level, I did a rough sketch as to what I want the layout to be. I also included a list of things that the first level must show the player (kind of like a tutorial) so they can get a better handle/focus on how the game works.

In the first level, I wanted to introduce the players to the basic mobs, which are easy zombies. I also wanted to slowly add in collectables for important gameplay mechanics such as health packs that restore your health and the importance of exploring the overall map.

Layout Implementation:

Starting with the roads, I slowly plotted the main pathway which the player will have to traverse. Then I added some of the smaller alley ways to allow that exploration ability to find hidden items.

Finally I added in the 3D models of the buildings to create the walls, all while still trying to keep the layout exactly the same.

The the current layout is vastly different from the initial sketch, this is due the fact that the 3D environment works differently than what was visualized in 2D. This is also due to multiple play testing to see if the distance between destination was appropriate. Since it wasn’t deemed so, I decided to add and adjust a few things.

Play testing the first level.



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