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Additional Features: Adding Environment and setting up URP

Time to refresh the environment of the game, instead of using white cubes as our base and environment we are going to insert some higher quality assets which will enhance the game play, just like how we updated the enemy model.

Working with File base:

Again we will be referencing the asset bundle “File base” since we have access to this wonderful library of pre-rendered assets. In this asset library, I will be downloading various urban models such as building and texture packs for gravel and roads.

Working with URP assets:

When you are working with URP assets, you might encounter objects that have been imported to turn out purple.

An example of having an URP asset turning purple

To fix this issue we first need to download the URP package manager. This can be access by going into the Windows > Package Manager. Within the package manager we are going to search under the Unity Register tab. Then we are going to search for the URP or “Universal Render Pipeline” package.

Once you have imported that package, you will noticed that nothing really changed. We first need to setup a pipeline Asset before the render can be functional. Select a folder within the projects tab and then under “Create > Rendering > Universal Render Pipeline > Pipepline Asset”.

This will create two scriptable Render Pipeline objects within your selected folder.

Then we need to select this render pipepline asset within the Projects settings > Graphics. We are going to select the first component (not the Renderer object).

Finally with that selected we can finally upgrade the entire project to use the Unity URP setting. There are two methods in doing this, once is to manually upgrade each object’s Mesh Renderer’s Material from the “Standard” to the “Universal Render Pipeline > Lit”.

Or you can let Unity change everything for you, if you know that the entire project is going to be using the URP as the standard setting. This can be accessed by going to “Edit > Render Pipeline > Universal Render Pipeline > Upgrade Project”

That will change and upgrade everything within your project to use the URP.

Now we are import all the different types of assets from the File Base library and play around with different level layouts. In the next article we will go over how to plan a proper level and what you should be thinking about when designing a level.



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