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Working with IK Rigging and Implementing your Player Model

Simon Truong
4 min readApr 4, 2022

Time to add more towards our player model, in this article we will focus on working with Character IK model and Rigging it towards our player.

Downloading the model Assets:

Working with FileBase which is asset store from GameDevHQ, you will have access to a huge library or different 3D models. The one I picked was the future soldier 01.

Once you have imported the asset files there are a few settings to adjust before dragging the model into our scene. If you select the 3D model you will need to check what the Animation Type under the Rig tab is. If it is set to “Generic” then we need to switch it to “Humanoid” and hit Apply otherwise the animation rigging will not be applied properly.

Then we can finally drag the 3D model within our Hierarchy. Unfortunately we won’t be able to use the previous capsule player that we used to prototype. We will need to copy every component within the capsule player into the new 3D model. We will also need to drag in the Main Camera into the new 3D model as well.

Make sure that all the scripts and Character controller elements are all copy and pasted into the new 3D model. The Main camera should be in the same position as the 3D model’s head since we are going to be using the same height as the player for our first person view. Also remember to change the Layer and Tag name to “Player” so the enemies can identify the player game object.

Then once you disable the old capsule player, do a test run to see if everything is working. If you find that the default position of the character controller collider is too low, change the Y position to value 1 so it is on the same height as the 3D model.

Character Idle Animation:

For the Character Animation, we are going to be using our best animation library from Mixamo.

I searched up “Pistol Idle” to find the perfect idle animation for our character.

After you have downloaded the file and imported it to Unity, we have to go through the same tweaking of settings like what we did with our 3D model. We need to change the Rig Animation Type to Humanoid to match our 3D model setting.

Once the Animation file looks like this, we are going to duplicate the animation file and rename it to “Pistol_Idle” within our correct folder path.

By default the new duplicated animation file should show you an new 3D model within demo scene. Now we can drag and drop this new animation file into our 3D player model.

I also unchecked “Apply Root Motion”

Finally within the Animator, we are going to set the “Loop Time” to be active and the Root Transform Rotation “Based Upon” should be set to “Original”.

With that setup, once you test our the game again, you will noticed that the two hands of our player is now in front of us. If you see any 3D model clipping we can adjust the position of the Main Camera to prevent that.



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